Blue Bikes and Buses


My company is pretty close to the facebook headquarters.  As such, we see these bikes everywhere.  The facebook employees use these bikes to ride around between the many buildings of their expanding campus.   Google has similar bikes all over it’s sprawling campus to the south as well.

There are big coach buses running around the streets near work too.  Those are for facebook employees too.   They shuttle people from San Francisco and San Jose to and from the facebook headquarters.   Google has similar buses running its employees from their residential areas to work and back again.

These bikes and commuter buses represent two of the many traits of more and more companies these days.  They give their employees more perks, like meals and exercise facilities and the like, to keep their people happy.  These things also tend to keep people at work for longer hours each day.

Bikes and commuter buses may be part of the cool, hip trends in the corporate world, but whether you get on or not is up to you.  Like in lots of life situations, actually. Get on when you want to; and be sure you know how to ride.  But be sure you know how to get off too.

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