Rely On Yourself

My mobile phone situation has been giving me increasing amounts of grief lately.

First it was not enough memory.  I had pretty well stripped down the apps on the device, but the phone’s memory just wasn’t sufficient for the phone to run smoothly.  Thanks to a good friend, I was able to upgrade to another model, with a lot more memory.

Then the battery started having issues on the new phone.  And the case/screen was loose. I got the screen fixed, then bought a new battery.  Then somehow the phone went to Recovery Mode.  Dun Dun DAAAAAAAA.

All this has me thinking about one fundamental truth:  Be careful what you come to rely on in your life.  Don’t give away too many skills, too much fundamental control of your information management, too much awareness, for the sake of convenience alone.  Have redundancy build in.  And know how to respond if things you rely on go off the rails.

In the end you don’t need much to keep things moving forward.  As long as you have a plan, and are prepared to execute if necessary, you’ll be ok.

Rely on yourself first and foremost.

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