Yesterday was Black Friday? Nope, FAMILY Friday

All the pomp and hype, and anticipation of discounts and deals…and I find myself pretty far afield. Not shopping; not at all.


We had a slow start to the day; we rallied up and headed out to the central valley to see my wife’s family, her brother and sister, specifically.  

Her sister is married, she and her husband have two kids; I might have written about them elsewhere in this blog.  Their kids are the same age as ours, pretty much.  They all get along pretty well. 

My wife’s brother and his honey rolled into town as well; super glad to see them too.  

And it was cartoon movies, video games, left-overs a’plenty.  Just hanging out,chatting, that’s what went  down.  Life slows down on days like this.  

Life slows down,pace slows down, time ticks by, carefree, relaxed, feeling of blessings abound.  

That’s how Black Friday played out.  Anything but black.  Everything good.  Everything GOOD.

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