GOOD Lists

Ideas come from anywhere and everywhere.  Sort of like the GOOD I talk about so often.

One way I like to gather collections of good ideas is via lists.  When I find ’em and I like ’em, I copy them into my journal.  When I go back and review them is another  thing!

Need to do better in that category.  All the same, here are a few list I’ve come across just today that I think are worth jotting down and circling back to.


6 Plus 1 Cool Tactical Products
1. Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight
2. TrackR Bravo
3. Inferno Dual Beam Lighter
4. TL900 LED Headlamp
5. Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser
6. Everstryke Pro
BONUS: The Hoffman Richter Tactical Stinger Spy Pen

10 Foods Good for your Gut
1)  Bananas
2)  Jerusalem Artichokes
3)  Chicory Root
4)  Leeks
5)  Whole Oats
6)  Honey
7)  Dandelion Greens
8)  Whole Grains
9)  Asparagus
10) Garlic & Onions

Ten Tips on How To Be More Productive
1)  Have a consistent bed-time.
2)  Review your goals first thing in the morning.
3)  Make being more active a given.
4)  Do an efficiency check-in to see how it’s going.
5)  Know if you’re an “early bird” or a “night owl”.
6)  Designate “no-technology” time.
7)  Prepare the night before.
8)  Start off calm.
9)  Take regular breaks.
10) Do NOT multi-task.

Some Universal Values to Live By


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