“I am Not Worthy to Have You Under my Roof”

These words from the centurion in Capernaum speaking to Jesus give some pause. “I am Not Worthy to Have You Under my Roof.” Should we think we are not worthy?

In the account from the Book of Matthew it seems to say that the soldier leader was more being humble and deferring before Jesus. The centurion’s servant was deathly sick; and so he asked that Jesus heal him. The centurion believe Jesus could help.

And this faith the centurion displayed, even though he wasn’t a traditional believer, even though he had great earthly power, Jesus praised that faith.

I think this is the core message Matthew is conveying: be humble; have faith; believe honestly, in whatever manner you are able. I think this is what we are called to each day.

Let it be so for each of us, each day. We are in fact worthy; in fact, by being humble, we model the very attitude Jesus praised. Have faith, believe, and you are, worthy.

Amen AMEN.

Ref: Matthew 8:5

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