Old Superstition

Back in the day, decades ago, I used to wear red on Sunday during the professional football season, because the 49ers wore red as part of their team color scheme. After all these years that hasn’t changed. The team has maintained their same look; even as some other teams have changed colors over the years, the 49ers home color is predominantly red.

Ana so this past weekend as the 49ers played against their arch-rival Dallas Cowboys, I had to find red. I couldn’t find my one 49er hat, so I settled for another red hat I have, together with a red flannel.

Funny thing after all these years, I know it doesn’t make a difference what I wear, but somehow I few better all the same. Silly superstition.

Or maybe it’s not so silly, and it’s really not superstition; rather it’s ritual. Maybe we humans find solace and some mystery power in ritual. I think that’s the case. And I think I’m all for it.


And Go Niners!

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