Never again. We say this over and over about genocide.

CertInly we said this, say this, about the Holocaust, about the systematic murder of more that six million Jews, plus Roma, Homosexuals, Disabled people — anyone the German Nazis believed undesirable in society.

But then just in my lifetime there have been circumstances again and again mass murder at a societal level: Uganda, Bosnia, Vietnam, Rwanda, China, Myanmar, among others.

The Political Instability Task Force [of the United Nations] estimated that 43 genocides occurred between 1956 and 2016, resulting in about 50 million deaths.

The Holocaust remains the worst instance in recent human history. Of it Pope Francis tweeted,

“The memory of the extermination of millions of Jewish people and people of other faiths must neither be forgotten nor denied. There can be no fraternity without first dispelling the roots of hatred and violence that fueled the horror of the Holocaust. “


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