Christmas Dinner Menus 2020

Our buddy Mark said it for all of us:

“To my fav peeps…

Thank you for your friendship…

Thank you Santa Clara [University]…”

That last reference, to the college where we all met and somehow were blessed with a life-time bond.

I sent out a text asking about Christmas menus, to these men I’ve been blessed to call friends for decades… what I got back from various locations in the west follows…love the yummy…and I’m sure it was…!

The dinner menus broken down thus.

From Long Beach, CA

Tri Tip marinated in teriyaki, mashed potatoes,


salad and

really tasty wine with homade Christmas cookies by the girls.

From Neskowin, OR

Salmon with siracha sauce….

wild rice and broccoli…

and home made cheesecake…

From Masula, MT

Beef tenderloin,

mac n cheese.

Clara mashed potatoes, green beans,

1999 hess reserve,

caramel cake.

And from my house in San Jose, CA

Ribeye Roast with butter and garlic,

Honeybaked Ham

Potato mash,

Baked beans,

Cheesy broccoli casserole,

Med. Green salad,

Dinner rolls,

Layered jello and homemade cookies


And the friendships…timeless.

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