God Is With Us

On this day, “Christmas”, we celebrate many things. Mostly it’s about being together with those we love, and maybe exchanging gifts.

If you’re a Christian, you might (or should?) believe that today is the day we celebrate the birth of he we call the Christ, a man we know as Jesus of Nazareth.

As for me — and full disclaimer, I am a Christian — I believe in this day as one to rejoice in the hope and belief in the person of Jesus, the human being who was also somehow infused with Divinity, one with The Almighty, one with God in a unique and holy manner.

As for me, I believe that as we celebrate Jesus coming into the world, we celebrate God coming into the world to be with us, to show us his love and purpose for us, and the relationship he wants with us.

As for me, I believe in that intimate relationship, and am grateful for that very idea. To be closer to God. We celebrate that beginning, that new beginning, that new love, that eternal love.

EMMANUEL. He is with us. God is with us.

Merry Christmas.

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