Alt Monday

Kick starting the summer, the week, and this blog again today. Things have seemed to in flux these last several weeks; I’m trying to reset and find a good groove and provide a baseline, all at the same time. It’s been a mixed bag of little successes, and results otherwise too.

Some friends in town have provided a nice break and big breath of fresh air. They’ve got three little kids like we do, so there’s good symetry and we share similar struggkes.It’s really nice.

Today I decided to take an impromptu day off and hang with the folks one more day, together with my family (who are all off for summer break). One highlight  for today. We went to the park a d hung out, midday. The kids played, the adults enjoyed the shade and the breeze. After that, we had a late lunch. Some of the kids took a nap. Some adults did the same.

To wrap it up, we had take out burgers and apple pie, with the kids watching marathon Power Rangers episodes.

Nice to have a little bonus day tacked onto the weekend. Unexpected soul time. Soak it up.

Alt Monday: GOOD.

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