Society of Jesus

Mission Santa Clara, on the campus of Santa Clara University (SCU). The mission was founded by The Franciscans in 1776; the university (a college to start) was founded by the Jesuits in 1851. I was lucky enough to go to school there.

The Jesuits, members of the Society of Jesus, still run the university today. Those “Jebbee’s”, as my grandfather called them, gave me much of the foundation that still grounds me decades after attending: critical thinking, questioning, studying, being compassionate, trying to help those in need, love of all people, a deep faith in God.

The biggest collection of good people I know were SCU classmates. I’m damn lucky. Damn lucky too (ironic?) to still hear God’s encouragement in many Jesuit prayer and reflections.

1,500 years after Jesus died, his vision and teachings spoke anew to a small group of men, lead by Ignatius of Loyola. Five hundred years later, that Society, now more than 16,000 strong, from all over the world, still teach and inspire.

Thank You Ignatius, Thank You Society of Jesus, Thank You SCU, Thank You Jesus.

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