Thought Box

The Thought Box.

Have I mentioned before? Not sure. If not, it’s high time. If I have brought it up before, well, worth exploring a little once again.

The central idea of the Thought Box…just what is it? It’s a concept, that can also be made into a visual reference, a model, a thing to hold and touch.

It’s for the kids; at least that was the original idea.

And how do I suggest they use it? I came up with the box for our kids as a way to clear the mind when trying to go to sleep.

It could be imagined two ways: either a box to put your bad thoughts in, or a box to be imagined as your mind, and this the space to push all the bad the bad thoughts out from. I’ve used the concept many times myself over the years to clear my mind and keep it that way as I go to sleep.

The physical box came to mind when I wanted to give the kids something to help them visualize.

But really, it’s a good way to focus the mind generally. What’s more, it’s not just a way to deal with nightmares, thoughts about bad guys, scary shadows, noises you think you hear down the hall…

Maybe the Thought Box can even be helpful to calm anxiety. Clear your mind of that…pick the color of your anxiety…maybe it’s like green slime…and you push that slime out of the box in your mind; just don’t let it in. Maybe easier said than done; but that’s coping in your mind generally, I think. It takes practice, but these sort of techniques can help.

Go ahead, give that ol’ Thought Box a try ~ you have nothing to lose but your anxiety!

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