Anatomy of a Lions Charity Crab Feed

The work started months ago. A handful of Lion leaders doing early prep work for the event scheduled for Saturday, 9 February, the 23rd year of the Cupertino De Anza Lions Club Charity Crab Feed.

We need a 12 foot box truck, and refrigerated rig too, to handle all the transport of gear and foodstuff and all-important crab harvested off the Pacific coast.

This year we initiated a concerted effort to recycle all we could. Besides bottles and cans, we also gathered the food waste for compost.

In addition to the two rented trucks, several Lions transported various material to the event site: sound system, auction and raffle items, etc.

A crew of near twenty Lions and friends set up shop inside and outside too, where the crab pots were staged. We had easy-ups arranged too, for the rain that was expected.

We were ready to keep our outdoor cooking team dry and safe for the hours of hustle ahead.

The Condiments Station was prepped to give out lemons, tartar sauce, and cocktail sauce too.

The kitchen team prepared the salads and the bread.

The wine and beer station was set up to provide the refreshments that would be served, tasty pale ale options and red, and white wines.

The pasta line was prepped for the spaghetti onslaught.

The silent auction and raffle were set for display, promising plenty of good deals for our patrons. The dining tables, 27 for each seating, were readied for the diners soon to arrive.

Treasure Chest keys and buckets of raffle tickets were at the ready for good fun and many generous folks to try their luck and help our charities.

It was a long night, it was a wet night, it was a good night.

14 hours and nearly 15 miles of steps later, another crab feed was in the books.




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