Celebrate Her

We did our best to celebrate her on her birthday.

We made the day mostly about her, and I think it was a good one. My wife led the way, as she usually does. And so on top of being grateful for my first born, my first daughter, I was thankful for my wife once again, and her plan for the day too.

It was a simple day, it was a great day.

The menu was laid out in advance. Scratch chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast, black berries too; hot dogs and veggies for lunch; spaghetti and home-made meatballs with brownie and sorbet for dessert. YUMMY.

After dinner, the candle flickered for a few moments stuck in the scoop of mango treat in my daughter’s bowl before she wished and blew the flame out.

She took maybe a hundred pictures with her new camera, capturing the world around her: in the house, down the street, the birds on the porch, the kitchen appliances, and more besides.

For some reason I had a ho-hum attitude earlier in the day. But I couldn’t help but push aside the blah, lifted up and fortified by the simple joy of the day.

Our first born, she who is funny and thoughtful and loving and smart and joyful. We’re so lucky, so blessed. Our Number One: she’s got a great attitude, she keeps trying even when she struggles, she’s helps around the house, she’s a great leader to her brother and sister.

So lucky, so blessed.

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