My X-Factor — I Celebrate Her Too!


I’ve talked about her before as my own personal “X-Factor”…in fact, that nickname  started before she was born.

In my house growing up it was just me and my brother. Simple, dyad relations. Oh well, our parents were there too. 🙂 And our poor mom, she was the only female in the house.

Fast forward several decades, my wife and I have our first child, a girl, awesome; two years later our son is born – super, perfect set, two, done. Or so I thought.

Silly me.

Soon there after we found out we were pregnant again. I started thinking then and there, this kid’s gonna be the x-factor do me, because I don’t know what it’s like with three kids in the house. When she was born, the realization that we now had three kids (in three years), and that I had two daughters (!)…well, I was just awe-struck. It was both AWEsome, and at the same time I was AWEfully sure it was going to be like nothing I had experienced previous.

Being a dad to three kids, and especially to two daughters, has been the one of the most significant blessings of my life. Honestly. I mean I love them all equally. That’s a fact. Each of them, their personalities, just everything, I love them for who they are, endlessly, and forever.

That said, as we celebrate Number Three now five years on this earth, well…she’s lived up to the whimsical nickname I gave her — she is my own personal X-Factor.

Her spirit, her passion, her humor, they all inspire me, and humble me, and teach me things over and over and over again. Her facial expressions, her fanciful dancing about, her zest for living. Her stare at the screen, the slow way she wakes up in the morning, the way she carries her luvy still.

And so as we celebrate the birthdays this weekend, I wish for her like I wish for my other daughter on her birthday five days earlier:  Long life and learning and laughter and good health and love and happiness ~ a lifetime and then some! Happy Birthday, Louie!

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