Diabetes and World Health: The Fight Continues

Diabetes is a global problem.

It’s on the rise in the United States.  It’s on the rise around the world.  And left untreated, diabetes kills people.

One of the main issues is, insulin therapy (what diabetics need to survive long-term), is expensive.

Many organizations work to help those living with diabetes, and working to reduce the number of people suffering this disease.

Lions Clubs International is one such organization.  Other NGOs are also in the fight.  Together with national health agencies across many countries, many resources from angles are attacking this global health epidemic.

In many cases diabetes is preventable.  Attacking the root issues for broader treatment is fundamental to long-term solutions with the disease, and will ultimately bring down the current high costs (i.e. for insulin, treatments for advanced cases and related health conditions).

We CAN beat it.  If we work together.

A succinct summary found here:


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