Leap, and the Net Will Appear!

This fine year 2020 is a Leap Year; it’s a year when the Calendar Makers make a little adjustment.

What is that adjustment, exactly? Well, for the Gregorian Calendar, anyway, they add one day to February, for 29 days instead of 28, to “re-sync” our human day tracker to the Earth’s rotation, seasons, etc.

I’ve got at least a couple of thoughts related to Leap Year.

For one, my maternal, great grandmother was born on 29 February. So when she died forty five years ago (or something like that), she had had only 23 birthdays, I think. Nana. I think her real name was Jen. Happy Birthday, Nana.

The other idea that comes to mind is along the concept of “leaping”, to make a correction, to go forward, to make things different, new, better maybe.

I feel like this Leap Year is a good reminder for me on at least a few fronts I’ve take to leaping toward:

1/ in my personal life, I’ve leaped into a more trusting marriage with my better half; I’ve always been committed, but I’m trusting the relationship more now, I think. It’s about time. I’ve always believed in the trust as a fundamental value of marriage. That said, trusting in the bond and candor and honesty around struggles, that’s a deeper, more challenging thing; and necessary.

2/ in my professional life, there’s a binary thing going on:

the bigger, personal/professional news is, I’m committing to an expanded professional path for the remainder: It’s a dual commitment.

I’m learning more as I continue my new role and function; I’m getting better, broadening my knowledge and proficiency and thus, effectiveness as a well-rounded supply chain professional;

And and AND, I’m going into overdrive on the Creative Side.


So take the leap! The net WILL appear.



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