Clean Up

In my family, these people I love and live with, I clean up. Just what does that mean, “clean up”? There are at least a couple of contexts to consider…

First, I tend to be the one that does a bunch of the clean-up after meals, after the day is done, after the week is done. My wife provides much of the family leadership, I run in support mode.

I replace the bathroom tissue, run the dishwasher, close the house up every night before we all hit the hay, double-check the locks, the lights, etc. I think I tend to be the bed-maker, too.

But where I really clean-up? I clean-up in light and inspiration and love. I live with four amazing people, who give me reason to smile and give thanks everyday. That’s where I clean-up — taking in all the GOOD around me, in the everyday, in the chaos, in the wonder of being alive, and living the dream.

No lie. Straight-up LIVING. THE. DREAM.


How do you clean up?

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