Discomfort? Lean-In

We all end up in uncomfortable situations at least some of the time.

Sometimes it’s absolutely the case that you should work to alleviate the discomfort by removing yourself from the situation( that’s not a bad thing. We feel uncomfortable for a particular reason, it can sometimes be a warning, warning to take care of yourself first.

However, sometimes it’s good to lean in to that discomfort. A couple of over arching examples that come to mind for myself in particular include heavier analytical work, detail/minutia-oriented information, working to problem solve in heavier quantitative situations.

I am not naturally quantitatively inclined. I don’t see patterns very quickly; certainly not looking at numbers, etc. I have tried to improve these skills throughout my life, but it’s still a challenge.

My dad was a mathematician and teacher. He studied mathematics and economics in college. HE could do that work. He tried to help me, in fact he did help me with homework, with understanding equations and theories etc. when I was in school.

All the same, it wasn’t easy then; it isn’t easy for me now either. It doesn’t come naturally.

What I choose to do now with those situations is lean-in; I live with the discomfort, set that feeling aside and focus on the problem, the challenge, the issue that needs attention. At least, at my best I follow this path.

Realize this: with time, that thing that causes discomfort, it might just get easier. After a while – it might be a long while – you don’t have to lean-in quite as much. With time, the discomfort might just subside. With time, you get better.

I recall reading once somewhere that in order to master a skill you have to do it for 10,000 hours…that’s quite a while. Something like five work years (in the US labor market, anyway).

Yes indeed it might take some time to get better, but it’s worth it.


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