Corina Corina

Corina Corina, stricken down in the whole, in full stride of life,

Now Rosary Thursday, Funeral Friday, how can this be, dear friend?

Your bright soul, now laid to rest, laid to rest,

Corina Corina,

Such a joyous human, classy lady, helpful colleague, mother, amazing woman, a shining light, such a strong spirit,

The way you cooked for others, cared for them, the greeting cards you made, the way you laughed and danced and lead and loved, how many times I heard you say with a smile, “This is how we do it…”

So much love, amiga, Corina Corina,

Steadfast in her love of her family, her friends, her faith, God, always giving of herself, always shining, a doer, a positive life force for so many,

May all the grief over her passing be piled up and transformed into love, this she would choose, to celebrate her life and express the love we all had, have for her,

Surely this the preferred path, surely this the way she would want it to be,

Surely she is smiling down on all the love, feeling all the love, surely her love lives on,

Rest In Peace, Corina Corina.

[The following images posted to Corona’s Facebook page; saved here as well to further memorialize her.]

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