Let Your “Yes” Mean “Yes”

Jesus said to his disciples: “You have heard that it was said to your ancestors, ‘Do not take a false oath, but make good to the Lord all that you vow.’

But I say to you…Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ Anything more is from the Evil One.”

Matthew, 5:33

Plain and simple talk. Plain and simple approach. Plain and simple commitment. So valuable, so difficult to come by, sometimes.

Strive each day to live up to this guidance. Start each day commited to that path. This beginning is the fundamental.

No doubt there will be challenges. For sure unforeseen obstacles will pop up before you. It will get complicated.

You’ll get cut down at the knees sometimes. You will fail.

You may lie, twist your words to explain, to make the uncomfortable go away. But it won’t. That’s not the way.

Evil will knock at the door, linger outside, waiting for you, whispering.

You may even keep company with that evil.

Even then you can still turn it around. As long as you have breath inside you, you can reset your path to good.

Let your Yes mean Yes.


Lyrics Post: “Shimmer”

This one by Shawn Mullins…from early in has career. It speaks to me every time I hear it. Listen, enjoy…!


Sharing with us what he knows
His shining eyes are big and blue
And all around him water flows
This world to him is new
This world to him is new

To touch a face
To kiss a smile
And new eyes see no race
The essence of a child…..the essence

He’s born to shimmer
He’s born to shine
He’s born to radiate
He’s born to live
He’s born to love
But we will teach him how to hate

And true love it is a rock
Smoothed over by a stream
And no tickin of a clock
Truly measures what that means 
Truly measures what that means

And this thing called our time
I heard a brilliant woman say
She said “you know it’s crazy
How I want to try to capture mine”
I think I love this woman’s way
I think I love this woman

The way she shimmers
The way she shines
The way she radiates
The way she lives
The way she loves
The way she never hates

Sometimes I think of all this that surrounds me
I know it all as being mine
But she kisses me and she wraps herself around me
She gives me love
She gives me time
And I feel fine

But time I cannot change
So here’s to looking back
You know I drink a whole bottle
Of my pride
And I toast to change
To keep these demons off my back
Just get these demons off my back

Cause I
Want to shimmer
I want to shine
I want to radiate
I want to live
I want to love
I want to try and learn how not to hate
Try not to hate

We’re born to shimmer,
We’re born to shine,
We’re born to radiate,
We’re born to live,we?re born to love
We’re born to never hate

He’s born to shimmer
He’s born to shine
He’s born to radiate
He’s born to live
He’s born to love
But we will teach him..”

Sitting on the Bed

Sitting on my son’s bed, listening to the sounds. In the dim light, thinking. 

He asked me to sit with him as he fell asleep. Quickly so. His sisters already softly snoring in slumber. 

Later than I’d like but then, a few moments to write, to capture the night. Grateful for that, for their slumber, for my family, my sometimes enemies in my darkest moments. And then I catch, I remember, this is my purpose, these are my people, I love them!

Yes. Yes I do. Sitting on the bed, in the dark, even in the dark, I love them. Let my actions speak those words. Every day.


Love Your Enemies

This simple concept has been considered for nearly 2,000 years. Yea verily, how alien this idea seems to be! And yet, it’s fundamental to long-term happiness and inner peace. I

Loving your enemies means taking the high ground. It means not holding on to the evil of hate. It means letting go of the negative, in favor of the positive that is possible.

We can only love with empathy. We can only love if we see our enemy as a person. We can only love of that higher power. We must honestly give in to what is possible, sometimes in spite of what has been.

The Righteous, The Race

Timothy, Mark, Psalm 71, a stream of good, yes my son. So much there, bits of wisdom, joy.

Be persistent, consistent , through patience, teaching, guiding, instructing. Be steadfast in your faith, in the race, put up with hardship, for in the end the just shall judge.

Be filled with praise, trust you will not be cast off, steel yourself, have hope, always, believe in justice in the end, be buoyed therein.

And as the widow’s two pennies, give honestly, as much as you can. Beware the scribes’ long robes and places of honor, these so-called righteous do not seek. Do not be distracted by falsehoods, by myths, by desires. 

Rather, wait for the Truth, seek the Truth, rely on the Truth; and if you stray do not dismah; instead correct your path, contrite, and commit again, and endure. Endure the race, and thus win in the end.

Hot Seat

A couple warm days, over 90 F, here where we live. In my garage office, the fan gives just enough breeze to mediate the heat, but still it’s a little rough.

The warm days will cool end of week though, and it will be a little more bearable.

But in America right now, there’s a different kind of heat we can’t see the end to; in the world right now we’re coping with a pandemic that spans the globe.

Politics and protests, COVID and other diseases wash over the world, how to cope?

I’m not sure, quite frankly. But I know we have to; we have to cope and work to make it safer and better, our lives, together. We have to find new ways to fix old problems, and new ones too.

We’ll get out of the hot seat eventually.

Mean time?

Patience, Fortitude, Grit.

Well applied each day.


When will it happen?

How much has changed?

What is the change we each want and then,

What is the change we can all live with together?

That’s the change I want. I want us all to live together.

And I want to see the murderer for who he is, and not consider the color of his skin.

Evil has no color; it’s high time we understand that. And let it guide our actions, and reactions, not the color of another person’s skin.

Let’s see each person for what he is, a human being, and teach our kids the same.

Not black, not brown, not red or yellow or white. Just a human being.

In Like A Lion

I think the saying goes, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” I think I’d say “Out like a lion and in like one too,” as May closes out and June’s under way.


Our planet and in particular our country has been ravaged by the COVID pandemic. Still no end in sight.

Our economy has been punched in the face, kicked in the gut, and tens of millions of people face immediate economic insecurity.

And as I write this piece on Sunday night, I listen to police helicopters outside my window, overhead in my neighborhood.


We live close to a good size mall, and there are crowds on the streets just blocks away protesting the murder of George Floyd.

God bless George Floyd and his family.

God help our country AT LAST confront the systemic, institutional and societal racism people of color face in these United States.

A lion indeed, a lion indeed.

God help us, please.

Haiku Start: The Just Shall Gaze

From the Book of John,

The Just shall stand upright, yea,

But what, who is just?

Indeed who determines what is just, who behaves justly? The sixty-four dollar question, for sure.

Who is just, and when is just action called for? Always, the easy answer; hard to come by sometimes, most times.

When you’re stuck in the dark, in a bind, in a struggle so deep, it’s hard to be just, a struggle to be.

And yet He says, to this we are called, each of us. It’s not should we be, but how can we be, just?

Francis said recently, something that might guide us:

“Prayer liberates us from our instinct toward violence. It is a gaze directed toward God, so that He might take care of the human heart.”

Prayer leads the way, to choose just action, just action each day.

Amen, AMEN.