There are a few applications of this great word.   Merge.

What's the proper definition? According to the dictionary, it basically means "to cause to combine or coalesce; unite." There are several applications of the word, but they all mean basically the same thing.  Two or more things become one thing.  Or at least they come closer together, in harmony.  They blend together.

The thought came to mind when in a very practical way when I was commuting the other morning.  I was turning onto an expressway, transitioning to "merge", and the car in front of me was stopped, waiting for the traffic in the far right lane to open up.

Classic Situ:  I would roll slowly on the far right side, find a reasonable gap, maintain some speed, keep the flow going, MERGE.  The key word is "reasonable."  What's reasonable to me wasn't reasonable to the driver in front of me.  It seemed reasonable to that person to stop and wait.

I was frustrated a bit, but also was reminded of an important lesson regarding merging. Whether in traffic, or at work, or with my wife, or my kids, we need to constantly be mindful of the effort to "merge":  priorities, the mission, household chores and other tasks, what to do for fun, how to get things done, screen-time, bed-time.

We need to be open to those we live and work with to get along and cooperate.  That's the essence of being the social animals we are, the essence of being human.

Learn to merge — more patience, life lessons, harmony, and happiness await.

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