Reset, Redux

Reset.  A theme I come back to again and again and again.  Actually, I “reset” to it daily. 🙂

Everyday is an opportunity to reset to GOOD.  To begin the day with an attitude of gratitude, of purpose, of certainty that you can move things forward in a positive direction.

Whatever rest you got the night before, even if it was crappy sleep, it was still rest from the toil.  Stretch, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and get into your routine, into the day.

Savor every little positive thing that happens.

That coffee you just sipped, every little task you accomplish, that bed you just made, every little good deed you can do, help you can lend, that door you just held for the person behind you, to make life a little better for those around you, that smile you just flashed.

Good begets more GOOD.


This attitude is my prayer for you.  For me too.  For all of us, really.

Reset to GOOD.


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