Good Measure


We are constantly measuring things.  Length, Width, Height, for example.

Those are the three I count most often at work.  They amount to the dimensions of boxes and crates that hold materials and products we transport near and far, outbound and inbound.   Multiply those three numbers together and divide by 166, you get the Dimensional Weight for international transportation calculations; divide by 194 to calculate Dimensional Weight for transportation purposes in the U.S.

But there are lots of other measurements, of course, ones we all take into account.  Servings and bags of groceries and emails in the inbox and shoes in the closet and the amount on the pay stub and of course, time.  Time with our kids, time with the wife, time it took to do the dishes, time in traffic, how much sleep we got, and on and on and on.

Be sure you don’t get so wrapped up in the counting that you lose track of what’s important — living NOW, making the most of NOW.

Whatever you’re measuring, it is what it is.  Don’t get too hung up on if it’s too much, or too little.  Make the most of what it IS, and get on with it.  After all, it’s Friday.  Live NOW.  And make it GOOD.

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