There’s been this news story of late about the law suit against Harvard. The basics indicate the suit is on the side of Asian-Americans. Really though, it’s an effort the challenge Affirmative Action.

Two of my great joys:  Living where I live.  Working where I work.

People from Germany, Russia, India, Peru, Mexico, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Venezuela, Korea, and other countries too.  All living together, working together, being together.  Sure we all have our friends, and that might align somewhat to language and history. 

That said, there’s more mixing and sharing and learning and understanding that goes on as well, because there’s so much variety.  

Right in my group there are two guys from Quebec; I heard them talking in French Canadien as I walked down the hall this morning.  I LOVE this.

Just this past week I went along with my younger daughter on her first field trip with her school class, to a farm an hour’s drive south.  Pumpkins, a small-gauge train ride, games, learning, corn field mazes were all in the mix. She had a great time, and it seemed her many classmates did too (along with the couple hundred other kids and adults that were there).

All walks of life and all colors of skin you might imagine, and it reminded me how glad I am our kids go to a school with a diverse community.  

The next day we went to the school’s Fall Festival.  More of the same:  fun, diversity, folks coming together and being together and good times a Saturday.

I love it, and am grateful for the diversity, and all that comes along with it.


The latest on that law suit against Harvard found here.


All the good and bad of Human Kind, and all other living things we know, found here.

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