The Righteous, The Race

Timothy, Mark, Psalm 71, a stream of good, yes my son. So much there, bits of wisdom, joy.

Be persistent, consistent , through patience, teaching, guiding, instructing. Be steadfast in your faith, in the race, put up with hardship, for in the end the just shall judge.

Be filled with praise, trust you will not be cast off, steel yourself, have hope, always, believe in justice in the end, be buoyed therein.

And as the widow’s two pennies, give honestly, as much as you can. Beware the scribes’ long robes and places of honor, these so-called righteous do not seek. Do not be distracted by falsehoods, by myths, by desires. 

Rather, wait for the Truth, seek the Truth, rely on the Truth; and if you stray do not dismah; instead correct your path, contrite, and commit again, and endure. Endure the race, and thus win in the end.

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