Football Chatter

I used to watch football as a kid; all day Sunday; sometimes college ball on Saturday too. I played as a kid too. Wasn’t a starter, but loved the game, loved being on the team.

That was all a long time ago. With three school-age kids now and keeping the house going. not much time for sitting around for football.

But, BUT…

Tried something different the other weekend; I decided to just have the games on during chores, etc. to listen and occasionally watch as the day went on.

First impression…not related to football, was there are a ton, TON, of commercials. I don’t watch much live TV, or TV period, really…so that resonated — the commercialism; I think that’s a big part of why I don’t watch much.

Beyond all the commercials tho’…

It was nice to hear the games unfold, checking in to watch for a series, then go back to listening while I did other things.

Fun to listen, to feel a little connected to the game again. Just enough football, focused on that, not the babble, chatter,


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