Leafy Greens

Eat a little better. Not that hard to find, to make, not that hard to do … just gotta look for the opportunities, then get creative.

Case in point.

Recently made a Leek & Mushroom Torte for a holiday party. Recipe called for leeks (obviously), but only the white, onion-like part. Once you cut that part off, you’re left with quite a bit of the individual leek, mostly deep green, very firm leaves.

I’ve tossed those left-over leaves in the compost heap plenty of times before, but always seems like a waste. After all, what’s left is perfectly edible, quite healthy, leafy greens — just what the doctor ordered for a better diet and so,

Heaves all chopped up,

A bit of fat (in the form of butter and olive oil),

Generously salted,

And in the skillet on the stove-top they go,

Low heat, plenty of time to simmer and voila!



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