Making the Most of Time


Last spring I figured I needed a fresh motivator to get more active in my day to day.  My previous running routines have long gone by the way-side. The demands of life with three little kids and nagging injuries have been the main factors in this regard.

I needed a boost.

So I got my hands on a new gadget: a Jawbone UP Move, the entry level unit for devices that track steps, sleep, specific, timed activities, etc.   It’s the baseline example of wearable technology that’s hit the market now with the goal of making our lives more active, and giving us access to the data to motivate.

The UP device is pretty cool.

But it is the device’s clock got me thinking.  Part of why I chose the UP Move actually was because of the clock.  If I don’t have a watch on and am not around a clock otherwise, I like being able to check the time where-ever and whenever I need to. I’ve got the UP Move with me all the time, so it works well.

But if you’re a stickler, the built-in clock isn’t all that great.  You can’t count the seconds, or even the minutes, really. That had me thinking. “Shift from counting every minute to making every minute count.”

Here’s the paradigm:  Life = Responsibilities = Time

Time until work.

Time at work.

Time until I’m off work.

Time until that deadline.

Time for lunch.

Time until the next meeting.

Time to go home.

Time left in the game.

Time until the kids go to bed.

Time to mow the lawn or do the laundry.

Activity trackers are cool stuff to help us to be more active.

Yves Behar & Jony Ive have very successful visions of incorporating cool technology products with the aim of making our lives better.  Behar is the design guy behind the UP products from Jawbone.  Ive is the Chief Designer at Apple.

The more people (consumers) buy in and see results from using devices from Apple and Jawbone (among others), the more successful these guys are and the more successful their companies are.

But it’s the RESULTS that matter. Getting the most out of every minute.  Even if you get nothing tangible from it.

“Time is the most precious commodity we have.  I’m spending a lot of time doing this [whatever ‘this’ is]. That’s serious. But I don’t take myself too seriously.”  That’s healthy. That’s GOOD.  What’s better?  Making the most of our TIME.

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