Worried? Take Action

It’s pretty simple.

When you’re worried, the best way out is to take action. Channel the energy in a positive way.

How, you ask?  Focus on being the subject in the sentence, not the object.   Do what Dale Carnegie suggested a long time ago:

Figure it out, define for yourself the worst possible outcome; accept it; then work to improve the situation so the result is better than the worst outcome, which you’ve already accepted is possible.

In other words, don’t fret, FIGHT,  to make it better. Take a deep breath, steel your resolve, steady your gaze, and go FORWARD. 

Get up a little earlier, stay up a bit later, work a little longer, do a few reps, hold that plank another 15 seconds, say no to the next beer, or cookie or hit, whatever it is that you can control, then DO SO, to make your situation better. 

The result? Less worry, more GOOD.

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