The Perfect Metaphor: Donut Island

On the road last week visiting friends  down south, we needed “brunch” one morning and happened upon a little doughnut shop on the corner.

Donut Island: it had everything we needed: coffee, juice for the kids, a breakfast sandwich, and of course, doughnuts.

It also offered stuff we didn’t need, but someone else would, no doubt: simple groceries, smoothies, notary services, lottery.

The place was being looked after at the time by a couple of ladies and a gentleman. Nice enough folks.

This all got me thinking about small business, providing things people want and/or need, being your own boss. Bottom Line, a good idea is only a start: hustle, focus, perseverance – are also tenets of running your own enterprise.

I got to thinking too about the parallels with a favorite doughnut spot at home, Bernal Donuts. The folks that run that place work hard to keep it going. And it’s their thing.

Simple products offered with a smile, something a little different.  Humble, hard-working, honest, GOOD.  That’s the way to be.   Those doughnut shops are a perfect metaphor.  In business, in life.

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