[Image courtesy of Cycling News, Jens Voigt]

How to go faster?  How to get faster?  Is faster always better?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about pace.  A few central ideas come to mind.  These ideas aren’t only applicable to racing; they apply to anything we want or need to do in a sustained way:  work and chores and all related tasks.

First, how do we find our own pace?

How to find it, how to maintain it.  Great, fundamental questions.  It’s an individual thing to a degree, but also a universal.  If you run a five minute mile you’ll always beat the guy running a ten minute mile.  Training to get faster is pretty well established.  Practice, practice, practice.

I also find that an early start to training helps the effort.  Don’t rush.  Start early.  Give yourself plenty of time to warm up.  Allow your body and mind to settle into the session. Concentrate, focus.

Once you’ve found your pace, a place you’re comfortable enough to sustain the effort for an extended period of time, you have to maintain it.  Your body will tell you a lot about how you do this.  So will your mind.  Listen to them both.  Remain focused.  Make minor adjustments as needed to keep going.

Return to the fundamentals when you start to tire, when you start to waiver:  deep breathing, relax your body, shift your wait, pause your mind for a moment or two, then settle back into the effort.


Find your pace.  Keep your pace.  Get better, get faster.  You can do it.  GOOD.

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