The skill of waiting is a human skill.   Best to learn it early.

The importance of learning and mastering delayed gratification can’t be overstated.  Whether you control the situation or not, knowing how to wait is key to happiness in life.

But that’s not the last word.

The Waiting Place.  What lesson from this classic account from Dr. Seuss?  Well, there are lots of lessons, for sure.  But with respect to waiting, a particularly thoughtful insight.

The other side of waiting.  Don’t spend too much time in this here.   Don’t get complacent or passive or into a fuddle you can’t get out of.

It’s best to learn when to wait and when to move on.  When you end up in the Waiting Place, do this:  Pause, rest, reflect, then motivate and move on.

The GOOD is waiting.

Addendum:  There are a lot of great insights from Seuss in this book…some of the best shared here.

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