Kids like to carry things around, have things around.  What does that mean?  My son has his Cat Boy figure and gray cat stuffed animal he sleeps with.  My older daughter has her box of special box of goodies she keeps in her bed.  And of course, our youngest has her luvy.

All these things function to provide security for children,  things they can control, things they love.   But such things are not just for kids.  Humans have carried special things for millennia.  This behavior goes far back in human history.

Why do we do this?  Do special things have magic? Probably not.  But they do give us  Comfort.  Familiarity.  Security.  Certainty.

Life Hack of Ancient Practice, it goes WAY back.  And that’s cool.  That’s GOOD.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we still have them into adult hood.

The key thing to remember?  Recognize, Maximize the “Magic” you get out of your talisman, but don’t rely on them.  The magic, after all, is within you.

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