That’s the Job

When we get frustrated, we might find ourselves questioning our situation, maybe wondering why we’re in that particular moment,  why we’re struggling.

In these moments it’s often helpful to take a step back. 

Remind yourself, “that’s the job.”

Whether it’s your day job, parenting, volunteering, a side pursuit, marriage, or whatever, the phrase can help bring you back to center.

Provided your choices led you to the place you are currently — and they most likely did, directly or indirectly — it’s a circumstance of your own doing.

So in that moment of frustration, catch yourself in the emotion, and stop it cold. As Jocko Willink (former Navy Seal commander, trainer, and now leadership consultant) would recommend, detach, re-access, and go forward with your next, best move.

“That’s the job.”

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