Down In It

Getting back into the day-to-day groove is turning out to be tougher than I thought it would be after the glory of family summer vacation just concluded.  It seems at every turn I struggle to make the right move, challenged to have a good attitude, recover from a mistake, cope with kid chaos, the pull of so many demands on my next action.

I’m down in it.  I’m groping the the darkness for a hand-hold, to get some traction on the trail.  I know the light’s out there somewhere, I see little glimmers, and then all goes black again.  What to do?

Find bits of good.

Taking solace in little things, small victories, and some music. I’m finding a footing in the right moves I have made, little bits of good that are for sure there, but I’m not allowing them to shine through and motivate. It’s helping, that’s for sure.  Slow but sure, getting better.

I’m trying to keep up with the day to day. I’m doing little things that make a difference for the good. Or I hope they do.

That’s been easier at home than at work. The learning curve at the job continues to challenge and give plenty of opportunity for growth and getting better.

Oh, and that music I mentioned?  Oddly enough, it’s coming from an unlikely source on the face of it. Nine Inch Nails.  Industrial rock that first hit the scene a long while back.

Stumbled upon them anew at the end of last week. Fresh inspiration from a music project and one dude in particular that has me digging in.  New energy from music that’s still worth it and fresh tracks adding bonus to the mix.

Yep, I’m down in it.

And that’s GOOD.

Addendum:  Ah yes, and here’s the tune, in case you’ve not heard it.

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