Dad’s Log: What to Do on a Friday Night?

What’s a dad do on a Friday night, when mom’s out with the ladies?

To begin, he gets busy with things like dishes and laundry and prepping snacks for soccer on Saturday morning; orange wedges are on the docket once again.

He listens to Mozart and drinks bubbly mineral water, maybe wishing just a little it was a little more. Later the music will give way to PJ Masks on the screen.

He gets dinner ready for the crew, sliced apple and chicken nuggets. He listens keenly as the kids play outside, thankful when they’re all getting along.

Bubbly water gave way to hot tea. Oolong was the first selection, with Camomile on deck, just in case.

Everybody ate their dinner without complaint (mostly), and the pajama routine came off surprisingly smooth and swift.

As the end of eve approached, the eyes began to droop, and the laundry neared end of cycle.

It was a good night.




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