“Patience is a Virtue”

Another lesson from my grandma comes to mind frequently. Why? Because I find myself oft repeating the phrase to my kids. Mind you, they’re little kids, so I’m pretty sure they don’t understand the context. That said, I use the words regularly:

“Patience is a virtue.”

Not sure whether grandma got it from the epic poem, Psychomachia, or otherwise it just came to her mind from other reading…but it has stuck with me for the better part of fifty years.

And it’s true. Nurture and fortify you practice of patience, and your life will be infinitely better.

So regardless of the origin, I’m going to keep repeating, and with those words try to shape my kids’ behavior — or better stated, REACTION — to the inevitable delays we face in getting what we want (if at all).

This life skill goes right along with the concept of Delayed Gratification. This practice will also serve you well. It’s absolutely related. And it’s absolutely helpful to being happy.

Thanks, Grandma.

More on the Seven Virtues? HERE.

More on Delayed Gratification? HERE.

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