A Dad’s List, #6 : A Daughter and The Pumpkin Patch

Really this post is more, “a dad’s list in pictures.”

I was super lucky a couple weeks back: I took the day off to go with my younger daughter and her class to the pumpkin patch.

It was the best of both worlds. I got to be with my daughter, but also see her in her new element: with classmates, new friends.

Chalk the joy up to Simple Dad Stuff. For a dad, this was the meat & potatoes of what’s fun with your kid: watching her be herself with her peeps.

So blessed by the everyday, this once a year adventure, the share it with your kid.

So blessed to have the time, so blessed to be a dad.

It was GOOD.


Waiting for the train.
Stay together.
A corn maze and a bee story.
Listening to the docent.
The class in the patch.
Another pic of the class in the patch, great group of kids.

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