Come Wander: Work, Saints, Life

I’m going to wander a bit today, so get ready. It’s gonna be a quick clip, but it will be short too, so stay with me if you like, I’d love to have you along.

I learned (another) important lesson recently at work; as many of them have been in my current job, it’s occurred in a bit of a passive way, but no less meaningful otherwise. In fact, maybe more so.

I try to contribute everyday; that’s what we get paid to do. Do our work, go a bit further, make a difference. Sometimes we’re more effective, sometimes less so. I saw some action taken recently that I should have been proactive on; but I wasn’t.

It was too big a stretch maybe; maybe it didn’t actively occur to me. So my very effective and result-focused colleague took action instead.

Thinking about it, I realize now I could have stretched more, to ask a couple more questions, be proactive, get deeper in, see what else I could do to support the situation. I missed the chance in this case; for the initial action, anyway.

My take away? There are two:

1/ Don’t be afraid to go deeper, even if it means maybe more work.

2/ Follow up now after the initial action has been taken, to support the effort now, to see it through.

Lessons learned.

And what about saints? The correlation rings true for me: learn from others. Question what (more) you can do to emulate those who have demonstrated advanced capabilities and/or perspective. Don’t give up. Keep going forward.

That’s one of my common themes: KEEP GOING FORWARD.


Good for work. Good for life. Good for YOU.



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