Our son just turned seven years old, had me thinking about 7 times 77 times 777 things around him, around me, around everything under heaven.

So grateful I am he’s in our lives, so grateful to have this life with him, her, them.

Then I ponder my path, crooked and bumpy and blessed, messed up plenty, plenty of times of struggled, tripped, fallen.

Back up again each time to keep going, hope I can help him learn how, to avoid the pitfalls, my failings, I want him trailing, only the good, the bright, the right path, make that choice each time.

Times keep changing, I keep changing, life keeps changing, for the better? I hope so.

I hope for him, every blessing, every chance for good, health and happiness all his days,

How many more days will I be here, with him, with them, I hope many, I hope many.

7 is lucky, let that luck rain down, 7 times 77 times 777 things, all good, for him, her, them.

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