Bei Bei, Giant Pandas, Diplomacy, and Mother Earth

I heard this piece recently on the radio driving to work.  If you like animals and conservation, then this one is right up your ally:  it’s about the lengths we humans have gone in effort to save the Giant Panda from extinction.

Bei Bei is the name of a panda cub born in 2015 to two parents at the National Zoo in Washington DC.   He was recently flown to China to his new home, as per agreement between the governments of the two countries.

This story reflects one of the best aspects of good diplomacy and cooperation between two nations.  Sometimes we are rivals, many times we are partners (as in the many companies from the two countries that do business together), our history is long and complex, but working together is the only way forward, in my view.

The humble story of a panda and all the people that have worked to make his existence possible, and continue in effort to see he had his species thrive, THIS is the best of what diplomacy can do:  create and sustain hope and good work.

More on Bei Bei, here.

The podcast is worth a listen it can be found here:

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