The Heated Hall

Stepping into the heated hall is a treat. Ours is a little dwelling; a living and kitchen area in the front, then down a short hall to the rooms in the back. We keep the hall doors closed in winter, and at night.

My favorite is in the early morning hours, predawn, the house is mostly dark. Maybe a small light on in the kitchen or front room; the back of the house is dark. The kids are asleep in their room.

Stepping from the cooler front of the house into the hall, dark and warmer from the wall heater at the end. The furnace creaks and softly hisses as heat pours out into the hall, into the back rooms.

I love the sounds; I’m thankful for the warmth; I’m thankful for this roof over my family’s head.

Stepping into the heated hall. Such a treat.

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