Four Minute Flip, Revised.

“What you got what you got, four minutes to flip. Not much time, but just enough time, to let it flow, to make a little blip.

Just four min so don’t you know, scribble it down and let it go. Just a few words on the page for Monday, share the love, be the love, ready to go.

That’s word, that’s GOOD, make it so, so make it so.”

Silly little riff from late last night, as sleep was falling heavy on me after along couple of days. And the thought occurred to me, for all the topics and content I share on this blog, maybe a few days break from that pattern, maybe a few posts just writing fun, freestyle verse, that’d be a good idea. At least it’ll be fun for me, and hopefully some of you will enjoy the randomness too. Humor, Play, Fun, GOOD.

So that’s what’s up this week. Still Half Full, All GOOD, would you like some more, like some more, yes I would, yes I would.


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