How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go for those you love?

That’s the central question of the Passion, maybe the whole of Jesus’ life. How far would you go?

He went the full measure. He gave the full measure. He taught us the true meaning of love throughout his ministry; he taught us about love while he was brutalized by the Sanhedrin; the lesson continued while he was treated even more savagely by Pilate’s Roman cohort.

Jesus still teaches us about love today. It’s the central lesson He brought to us. Love God. Love each other. Love your enemies. Love is the measure. Love is the answer.

On the darkest day of the Christian calendar, on Good Friday, let us not only mourn what we did to Him; let us remember His teachings; let’s give thanks for those lessons still alive today.

And let us give thanks for a God that loved us so much, that He gave His only son to show us the way home.

Let us face this day with a contrite heart, and resolve to love more, love more each and every day; and act on the love. Each and every day.


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