Not As Planned

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. We have to adapt in those instances.

Example: Trying to get enough steps in every hour. I failed Monday; at least the activity was spread out a bit throughout the day. Tuesday was worse; my work sank me throughout the morning; I didn’t make my hourly goal until after Noon. Thursday? Similar.

Overall Activity Level? Not great. Reduced. Feeling…sloth-like. :-/

But then, whatever. They are only goals, after all.

There are streaks — long streaks sometimes — when we don’t reach our goals.

Think losing streaks in sports. Like hitting slumps in baseball; consider crappy free-throw percentages; ponder golfers not making the cut in tournaments week after week after week.

It’s in such times that we have to dig deep. It’s in those times that grit is formed.

It’s from those struggles, those dark times, that we can best see the light.

So let us fix our gaze anew.

Let’s try again, tomorrow.

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