The Weekend

Just another pandemic weekend, with a few bonus tidbits.

One I’ve shared here the last couple weeks: another Friday/Saturday combo camping with the kids; a twist this time, so stay tuned on that front. Getting the used to sleeping outside; helping the cope with the low-level stress of sleeping on the ground; and dealing with outside noises in the dark. The Saturday twist will y’all you more about this weekend learning.

The other special tidbit? Baseball opening weekend, SF Giants v. Los Ángeles Dodgers – most everyone masked; no fans; Universal Designated Hitter; only 60 games ~1/3 a regular season; and I’m not really all that much of a fan, overall. But it’s something familiar in a funky time, something enjoyable in an old-time way.

Humbaby. We are Giants. Giant Together. Vamos Gigantes!

Good for sure.

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