Lists Inspired

We can find inspiration everywhere, really. Some people, like me, find power and energy in reminders, lists of things that specify what we think, strive for, believe.

One list.

The list above? Not even sure where I found it. Nonetheless, it’s a good collection of things to strive for; these things, well-practiced, might just make life a little better.

Then there’s “Desiderata”. It was in my house growing up. I recall this wood plaque on the wall in my parents’ house. I looked at that thing for years thinking it was too lofty for me. As the decades have gone by the words ring more and more true.

Then of course there are our to-do lists. On notepads or post-it’s or digital of any variety, lists help keep us focused, on-track.

Whatever the type, whether lofty or mundane, allow the list to speak, to inspire you. Sometimes it will be that very list that gets you through the hour, the day, inspired.

Another List: “Desiderata”

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