It’s been a tough year. It’s been a tough four years. Well that’s ok.

Sometimes life is more peaches and cream; sometimes life is easy and comfortable. But often times, life is difficult. It’s hard. It’s tough. And I’ll say it again:

That’s ok.

A lot of the policies and attitudes and decisions that have played out with the majority in the American federal government. I’m not a fan of extremism, not a fan of rancor, failed discourse, and all related.

As we stretch and ease into the results of this year’s elections, I find solace in the continuum of democracy. I believe in that continuum. I believe in the fluidity of progress and expansion of rational, moderate thought.

“Let the math and the facts lead the way,” I heard one pundit comment. Let that be so in determining the election results.

And let that be so as the continuum progresses. Let the voices be heard. ALL voices. And then let the people decide. Let us decide what direction, what decisions, what we might realize through self-determination.

Let it be so.

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