Number One Daughter

Silly title, really, “Number One Daughter”…we’re lucky to have two of them, two daughters, and they are equally magical.

But it’s the oldest’s birthday, so singing her praises just now, Number One Daughter, born that way, and how…

Such a joy, a gift, so blessed in so many ways, countless ways, here are a few,







Of herself, of her place in our family, of how she wants to be, of what’s right and wrong, of the pose she knows she’s striking, showing off a new look…

When she was born, my attitude shifted, hadn’t thought about our child being a girl, beyond, “…I just want a healthy kid…”, and we got so much more. So much much more.

So here’s to our TEN YEAR OLD, say it in CAPS, no more single digits for this one, she’s off to the races, and then some, that one, watch her GO.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and hold you close all the days of your life, this my prayer for you, and happiness, and good health, and love, much love, and know that we love you beyond words, before words, and forever.

Happy Birthday, AGL~

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